White Supremacy Culture Deep Dive: Exploring Sense of Urgency, Progress is Bigger/More, Quantity Over Quality


November 8, 2019
9:00am - 1:00pm


Trinity Church
206 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116

This 4-hour training will explore three aspects of White Supremacy Culture (WSC): Sense of Urgency, Progress is Bigger/More, Quantity Over Quality. First, we’ll do a brief primer on each aspect and note personal patterns of behavior that reinforce WSC. Then we’ll use the iceberg model to explore how these aspects show up in our organizational lives and possible points of intervention. We recommend people attend with a colleague and bring any work they began at RELC, as appropriate.

Breakfast refreshments provided.

About the Racial Equity Learning Community

Our goal is to help create a community where organizations can come together and learn specific practices involved in being racially equitable, in such areas as hiring, fundraising, power structures, and program development/execution. Our intention is to create a space where we can build relationships and share promising practices and challenges freely and without judgment -- none of us are experts, and we can all learn from each other. There is tremendous power in shared learning and growth!

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Racial Equity


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