Webinar: The Exemplary Board Chair: The Skills, Practices and Principles


October 30, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST


Vernetta Walker and Marla Cornelius

What skills, practices and characteristics does it take for a board chair to truly excel at the role? Two governance experts will answer this question, drawing from research and years of grounded observation.

  • What are the basic responsibilities of the board chair updated for our age?
  • What does research tell us makes the difference between a very good and not so good board chair?
  • How has the board chair role evolved in the last twenty years and what leadership and governance principles does that reflect?

This session is ideal for executive directors, chairs, vice-chairs, and others who work closely with or may one day step into the board chair role.

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Nonprofit Governance


Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ)