Turn In and Reach Out Retreat


April 4, 2020
9:00am - 7:00pm



This retreat is designed as a space to gather together in an intentional and structured way to support introspection, healing, leadership skills training and dialogue around the topic of race.

Meditation and yoga practices create a blend of stillness and intentional movement within which participants can tune in and engage deeply with their physical bodies. These tools support participants to notice, name, witness and begin to process the harm inherited and carried by their bodies and support the emotional release of years of suppressed pain. From this place of grounding and attunement the group collectively dips their toes into the challenging work of learning and dialoguing around the harm caused by racism to our bodies, our communities, our countries and our world.

Although this retreat is open to all there are specific times and spaces that are reserved for POC.  These affinity group spaces provide refuge throughout the day for POC to support one another and heal. During affinity group time, those not participating in the POC affinity group will gather together to have conversations centering noticing and naming feelings, centering impact rather than intent, and skill building for showing up more fully for the work of racial justice. 

Learn more about the Retreat and the Schedule for the Day here. 

Turn In Reach Out Flyer

Registration fee: 

Free Event, Pre-registration Required

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Learning area: 

Racial Equity


Boston University, Interfaith Youth Initiative, Mel King Institute