Scenario Building and Contingency Planning


February 25, 2021
12:00pm-1:30pm EST


Hilda Polanco

While nonprofits cannot predict the future, they can begin to anticipate how they would adjust to shifts in their original strategic and operating plans so they are equipped to make timely and complex decisions in the months ahead. Developing scenarios can give leaders, their staff, and boards the confidence to press on and continue to deliver on mission. 

Join us for a webinar with the Founder and CEO of Fiscal Management Associates (FMA), Hilda Polanco, who will illustrate the concepts of scenario planning and introduce tools to help nonprofit leaders develop detailed financial scenarios. FMA is a nationally recognized capacity builder that philanthropic and nonprofit leaders turn to for guidance in nonprofit financial management issues. This session will be moderated by INP's Chief Strategy Officer and EVP, Pat Kirby. 


During this session, attendees can expect to learn:

Guiding principles to create data-informed and mission-aligned scenarios

Questions to consider when accounting for key revenue and expense drivers

Participatory processes organizations can use to weigh options, implications, and trade-offs

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Partner Events

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Nonprofit Governance


Institute for Nonprofit Practice