Health, Community Development and the Food Economy


December 3, 2015
9:30am-12:30pm, 9:00am refreshments


Plymouth Church
87 Egdell Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Many low income communities are food deserts: places with poor access to healthy foods. They are also places in need of local businesses that bring capital into their neighborhoods. How can community developers who are in the business of improving neighborhoods partner with health organizations and local businesses to improve food access and create local food economies? Find out at this training, where we will review the research, policy initiatives and opportunities for food access in under-served communities.

Topics include

  • Why food access matters: healthy food access, food deserts, decline in local economies
  • The connection between food, health and economy
  • Current policy initiatives, grassroots initiatives and resources
  • An understanding of SNAP and other food access programs

Speakers include:

  • Maddie Ribble, Mass Public Health Association (moderator)
  • Ramon Borges-Mendez, Professor, Clark University
  • Sue Joss, CEO, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
  • John Waite, Executive Director, Franklin County CDC
  •  Jason Boyd, Director of Community Organizing and Resident Services, Codman Square CDC

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Type of event: 

MKI Training

Learning area: 

Economic Development


Community Health Training Institute