Getting Through Economic Downturns Together


May 14, 2020
5:00pm ET
May 21, 2020
1:00pm ET
May 28, 2020
1:00pm ET
June 4, 2020
1:00pm ET
June 11, 2020
1:00pm ET

You may have heard the current economic crisis compared to the great recession of 2008, or even the Great Depression of the 1930’s. For good reason: Workers are being put at greater risk just to make ends meet, unemployment has sky-rocketed, and those already marginalized in today’s economy -black, brown, and indigenous people, immigrants, the disabled and chronically ill- are bearing the brunt of this crisis. But there is hope!

During each previous crisis people from different walks of life have gathered in solidarity to create real solutions for themselves and their communities. From organizing and advocacy, to mutual aid networks and worker cooperatives, people around the globe have formed lasting solutions at great odds.

What can today’s movements learn from how our ancestors built and resisted? 

Join this circle and workshop series to explore this question with our friends at the PeoplesHub, New Economy Coalition, US Solidarity Economy Network, GEO Collective, and Solidarity NYC.

The Circle will feature Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, George Lakey, and UFE Board Chair and President of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Anne Price. And the workshop series will be facilitated by Elandria Williams, Executive Director of the PeoplesHub and Riahl O’Malley, Director of Education at United for a Fair Economy.

CIRCLE: Thursday, May 14th from 2-4pm PST/ 4-6pm CST/ 5-7pm EST


  • Workshop #1 – Thursday, May 21st from 10am-12pm PST/ 12-2pm CST/ 1-3pm EST
  • Workshop #2 – Thursday, May 28th from 10am-12pm PST/ 12-2pm CST/ 1-3pm EST
  • Workshop #3 – Thursday, June 4th from 10am-12pm PST/ 12-2pm CST/ 1-3pm EST
  • Workshop #4 – Thursday, June 11th from 10am-12pm PST/ 12-2pm CST/ 1-3pm EST

Type of event: 

Partner Events

Learning area: 

Commun. Org. & Planning
Economic Development


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