Community Development Practitioner Training


October 16, 2019 to October 18, 2019
9-5:30 Wed, 9-5:30 Thu, 9-3 Fri
November 6, 2019 to November 8, 2019
9-5:30 Wed, 9-5:30 Thu, 9-3 Fri

This training is designed for organizers and community development professionals in civic sectors such as transportation, public health, and economic development who are interested in addressing community challenges and strengthening places by implementing asset-based and equity-focused programs that engage local artists as creative problem solvers. Participants learn how to support and train artists as leaders and innovators and develop customized programming suited to your context. This training is best leveraged to kickstart momentum in a community by having teams of 2-4 trainees from the same location, community or issue interest.  These Intensives are presented with the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis, and the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

2 offerings!

When: October 16-18, 2019; 9-5:30 Wed, 9-5:30 Thu, 9-3 Fri
Where: Lighthouse Writers Workshop, 1515 Race St, Denver, CO 80206
What: Intensive training on artist-led community organizing, creative placemaking, and practice
Cost: $500-$1,000

When: November 6-8, 2019; 9-5:30 Wed, 9-5:30 Thu, 9-3 Fri
Where: Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis, 6128 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112
What: Intensive training for community development practitioners interested in working with artists
Cost: $500-$1,000

$1,000: If your organization is sending you and has professional development capacity, please register at this level. This covers the true per-person cost of the training.

$500: If you are attending as an individual artist or organizer, or your small organization is sending you, please register at this level and/or see scholarship options.


Scholarship application (deadline September 6):

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Regular pricing: $1,000 (true cost) Small organizations/limited resources: $500

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Commun. Org. & Planning