Public Housing Training (PHT) Program

The Public Housing Training (PHT) Program at the Mel King Institute provides trainings for residents of public housing to support their full participation in the oversight of their housing developments.

Starting in spring 2017, we will offer trainings for both tenants who serve as Board Members of their Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) and for any interested public housing resident. The trainings will serve members of Local Tenant Organizations (LTOs), Resident Associations (RAs), and other interested individuals.

Partners: Several organizations were instrumental in supporting the legislation which created this program (see below), including the Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants, Mass Law Reform Institute, Mass Housing Partnership, and the Department of Housing & Community Development. Each of these organizations, along with several others, will serve on the PHT Program Advisory Committee, which is currently in formation.

Get Involved! Are you a resident of public housing? Would you like to help shape the training program or participate in the training? Please contact Sarah Byrnes at 617.379.5984 or

Background: The Massachusetts legislature recently passed the “The Local Housing Authority Act of 2014.” This Act impacts public housing in several ways. For one, it requires that every Local Housing Authority include one tenant on its five-person Board of Commissioners. (Local Housing Authorities, or LHAs, are responsible for overseeing public housing in their towns or cities.) The law also requires a new training program specifically for residents of public housing, with the goal of “enabling tenant members and members of local tenant organizations to participate fully in the oversight of the housing authority’s operation and capital planning.” The Mel King Institute has been tasked with developing and implementing this training, which will launch broadly in spring 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

Contact: Sarah Byrnes, PHT Program Manager, 617.379.5984, Read more about Sarah here.