Strategic Magic: Seeing Through Blind Spots


March 24, 2020
9:00am - 3:30pm


The NonProfit Center, West Room
89 South Street
Boston, MA 02111


How to stress-test your nonprofit’s strategy by seeing through the illusions, biases, false assumptions and blind spots.

Have you ever written your organization’s strategy without fully understanding your competition or your funder’s strategy? Strategies are often filled with biases and contain dangerous blind spots. These blind spots can derail what would otherwise be a rich and robust plan.

Nonprofit executives, marketers, and their funders need to be wary of — and know how to avoid — the illusions that can critically damage our nonprofit’s success.

In this very practical, how-to program, we will show you how to recognize and overcome the mind tricks we all experience while building a strategy. Is it magic? No. It’s careful and mindful self-examination. But like a magic trick, you must learn how it works in order to not let an illusion guide your decisions.

In this case-driven program, you will work in teams, playing the role of a nonprofit experiencing competitive pressures. Your teams will help identify the blind spots and how you could adjust your strategy based on the weaknesses and market gaps you have identified.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Avoid the “Halo Effect” and falling victim to dangerous first impressions
  • Test potentially damaging false narratives, stories that appear true but are not
  • Identify your “hidden” competitors that your funders may favor but are invisible to you
  • Ask the right questions about your competitors and funders
  • Apply a time-tested strategy model to uncover blind spots and weaknesses in your strategy

Target Audience

Executive directors, senior nonprofit staff and board members who are responsible for reviewing their organization’s strategy. This program offers a new tool to examine your strategy’s building blocks and compare them to the changing political, social, economic and competitive landscape around them.

About the Trainers

Leonard Fuld has conducted research, run strategy events and war games with global clients in markets ranging from high technology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, to consumer goods and retail. He has successfully applied these same techniques to the nonprofit world.

As a pioneer in the field of competitive intelligence and the author of four books, Leonard has helped shape company strategy, improving competitive position for his global clients. He has also written for the Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

Registration fee: 

$130 (Full-day, lunch is included). If you are a student, contact us about discounts at

Type of event: 

Partner Events

Learning area: 

Nonprofit Governance


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