Resilience Amid Crisis – Shared Equity Housing: Creating Lasting Affordability and Community Ownership


February 17, 2021
1:00pm-5:00pm EST

Communities across the country are looking to shared equity and cooperative housing strategies to create permanently affordable housing, further stretch public investment, and prevent displacement of long-time residents due to rising housing costs. These shared equity and cooperative models, including community land trusts, limited-equity cooperatives, deed-restricted homes, and resident-owned manufactured housing communities, are well-established yet creative ways for communities to provide lasting housing affordability and support wealth creation for families who otherwise would not have access to stable housing or asset building opportunities. They also often allow for increased community control of housing and land. Together, these elements comprise a promising and comprehensive way of not only creating affordable housing that lasts over generations, but also promoting community stabilization and creating more inclusive, economically and racially diverse neighborhoods.

Join NeighborWorks America and peers from around the country to discuss the benefits and possibilities of using shared equity housing strategies to address your community’s challenges and needs.

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