Certificate Program

About the Certificate Program: 

The Mel King Institute Certificate offers a new way to engage with our programming through a more comprehensive experience culminating in a credential. This program provides an overview of the basic skills, knowledge, and values that underlie the work of community development in Massachusetts. Graduates will be equipped with an understanding to think broadly about the needs of communities, the historic and current racism that perpetuates inequalities and the tool to address community needs through analogizing data, engaging residents, economic development, infrastructure development and more. All trainings will be practitioner designed and led, and oriented towards the needs and priorities of communities.

The Course Structure:

Participants in the Certificate program will have eighteen months to take 9 courses. 

Core Courses

Intro to Community Economic Development

Census Data

Undoing Racism or An Alliance Racism Workshop

One training from each Learning Area

Two elective courses of the participants choosing

The Cohort: 

As a part of the certificate program, you will be a part of a small cohort that meets periodically. This will be an opportunity to network and learn from other community development professionals. These conversations will largely be driven by your interests. 

If you are interested, please contact Mariela Renquist at marielar@macdc.org.