Author: YW Boston & Boston Foundation | Year: 2020

Over the past two years, YW Boston has had the incredible opportunity to partner with the Boston Foundation and a number of their grantees. The Boston Foundation funded ten nonprofits’ participation in InclusionBoston. Through the generous support of the Boston Foundation and the participation of this nonprofit cohort, YW Boston was able to extrapolate learnings that can benefit nonprofit leaders, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioners, funders, and anyone wanting to continue to engage in DEI work. As a result of this partnership, YW Boston and the Boston Foundation published Facilitating Organizational Change: Lessons from Nonprofit Participation in InclusionBoston.

The goal of our Facilitating Organizational Change report is to provide tools, learnings, and context through which individuals and organizations can begin or deepen their diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Specifically, this paper introduces the InclusionBoston model and explores the impact of this model on racial DEI within nonprofit organizations in the Greater Boston area.