Field Building

Field Building Overview

We guide field-building and drive thought leadership by bringing together major movers to discuss strengthening CDCs’ collective work, problem solving for racial equity, and supporting supervisors and staff in career planning.

While the Mel King Institute’s events and trainings provide educational opportunities, the goal of the institute is to not only educate, but to advance the community development field.  We believe that creating systemic change in an evolving environment requires large scale thinking and long-term planning. That’s why we create innovation forums to discuss emerging issues, guide the supervisors of tomorrow’s leaders and promote racial equity through the Alliance, and assist young community professionals in their long term and high impact career plans. The Mel King Institute’s field building initiatives are just one part of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporation’s efforts to align the work of community development organizations across the commonwealth. Learn more at the MACDC website. 

Innovation Forum

Join the largest regular gathering of CDC professionals in Massachusetts to hear from experts on a new challenge or opportunity in the field and discuss adaptive solutions.

The Alliance

Find technical assistance in the Race in Recruitment manual or a Hiring Clinic, become a Mentor, or join a discussion Gathering with Massachusetts’s coalition of community development organizations and practitioners dedicated to increasing racial equity with the leadership of the field. 

Professional  Development

Cultivate your career or guide an emerging young leader and drive talent to the field with these resources.  


Mel King Institute gives awards to recognize outstanding leaders in community organization professional development.