What is Public Health and How Does It Impact All Sectors?


October 8, 2015
02:00pm - 03:30pm


Maddie Ribble, MPHA

Presented by the Community Health Training Institute

Description: How is public health different from healthcare? Why does healthy communities work center around cross-sector coalitions? Why does equity play a vital role in health? Learn the foundation of the public health theory and practice that shapes effective community health.

Webinar provides framework and shared language for collaborators and coalition members from sectors that may be new to working with public health partners (e.g., planning, housing, transportation, healthcare, business, and more). The core concepts introduced in the webinar will provide context for coalition work and more in-depth training from the Training Institute.

Learning Objectives: Participants completing the webinar will be able to

  • Recognize the role of core public health frameworks, health impact pyramid, social determinants of health, and healthy communities principles.
  • Discuss the value of collaboration between different sectors (including their own) towards a common vision of community.
  • Define health equity and discuss its application.

Topics: Core Public Health Frameworks, Health Impact Pyramid, Social Determinants of Health, Healthy Communities, Health Equity

Audience: New collaborators and coalition members from sectors including planning, housing, transportation, healthcare, business, public health, and others are encouraged to attend.

Type of event: 

Partner Events

Learning area: 

Commun. Org. & Planning