WEBINAR: Portrait of a Resident Leader: Apostle Vanessa Ward


July 20, 2016


Apostle Vanessa Ward, Central Park Neighborhood and Ryan Morrissey, Director of Community Building and Engagement, NeighborWorks Home Solutions

This webinar is a part of our Connecting Communities Series in partnership with NeighborWorks America

How can resident leaders confront endemic violence and improve community ties? 

Twenty years ago, the Central Park Neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska was riddled with gangs, violence, vandalism, and even murder. Sometimes it just takes one person with the blessings from their family and friends to stand up and become leader to turn around a community and in this case, that someone was Apostle Vanessa Ward. Apostle Ward thought back to her childhood full of block parties that connected neighbors and decided that a block party could be the solution to the problems in the neighborhood. Apostle Ward worked tirelessly to make the event safe with three rules “No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Violence.” The community block party has been going strong for 19 years now without any incidents and has completely changed the neighborhood for the better.

In this webinar, learn from Apostle Ward and others involved in creating and sustaining the Central Park Community Block Party on how they have created a community gathering that over the years has effectively engaged residents and created a safe event that has turned Central Park Neighborhood from “Death Valley” to “Hope’s Alley.”

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MKI Training

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Commun. Org. & Planning