Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Write For Impact and Reach Your Goals


July 17, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00


89 South Street
Boston, MA 02111

“Stories are the most effective way to inform and influence decision makers, clients, and stakeholders. But storytelling is a difficult art to master. This session offers an effective and easy to use tool to craft powerful stories that can change the way you communicate with all people you contact – and maximize your connection with your audience and achieving your goals. You will have the opportunity to:


Learn the effective tool

See for yourself the power of applying these principles (and the disadvantage of neglecting them)

Practice implementing the tool for relevant, real-life situations specific to your work,

Collaborate with your peers and the facilitator to maximize your understanding and application of the tool

Walk away with simple one-page references that will help you continue to use the tool on an ongoing basis.

“All nonprofit organizations can benefit from this session. Anyone who communicates with others to persuade, inform, or report outcomes will benefit from enhancing their communication techniques using the presented tool. People at various levels of the organization can benefit, whether development staff who craft messages for donors and funders; program staff who invite potential clients to participate in programs; data staff who report on outcomes; leadership staff who communicate priorities to the board, external agencies, and big donors. Communication is often cited as one of the most important skills in any walk of life and work – nonprofit, corporate, government, and beyond, and enhancing writing and speaking skills using the presented tool will help deliver impact in meaningful ways with the people you care about engaging.”