Practicing Racial Justice: Lessons from the Field


April 27, 2018
8:30 am -12:00pm


Tufts Medford Campus
51 Winthrop St
Medford, MA 02155

What strategies are you using to promote racial justice in your community, your professional field, and organization?  How well are they working?  What might we do to address the challenges?  

The “Practicing Racial Justice” symposium on Friday, April 27th, 2018 is an opportunity to share your experiences with fellow pursuers of racial justice and discuss ways we can further develop our tool-kit of strategies and practices. 

Who’s Invited:  Practitioners, activists, policymakers, students, and faculty in the fields of community development and urban planning, education, child and youth development, community health, and related fields who are currently pursuing racial-justice efforts or are committed to doing so.   

Co-Sponsors:  Tufts University's Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning, Tisch College of Civic Life, Social-Emotional Learning & Civic Engagement Initiative, Education Department, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development, Community Health, the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program, and the Mel King Institute's Racial Justice Alliance.



  • Networking over breakfast 
  • Panel discussion to model our discussions about innovative approaches to promoting racial justice 
  • Dialogue about what’s working, what’s challenging, and what more we need to add to the tool-kit for practicing racial-justice.  
  • Next steps and more networking to further our racial-justice efforts 


Insights, nascent ideas, and exploratory questions from our dialogue will be synthesized and shared to fuel further learning and experimentation following the symposium. 


Please e-mail any questions or comments about the event to 

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Commun. Org. & Planning