Place Leadership Network Application Deadline


May 20, 2019

The Boston Foundation invites applications from place-based organizations in the Boston region to enter the inaugural cohort of the Place Leadership Network.

Through a nine-month peer learning and leadership development program, as well as through financial support, the Boston Foundation intends to elevate stewards of public spaces that contribute to creative, culturally vibrant, and equitable communities.

Creative, culturally-vibrant, and equitable public public spaces require dedicated stewards. These stewards are as varied as the places under their care: Main Streets, parks conservancies, Business Improvement Districts, CDCs, Cultural Districts and others. These types of organizations have been increasingly responsible for the shape of their neighborhoods. They formulate policy, advocate for city services, serve as platforms for creative expression and, most recently, bulwark communities against the tide of gentrification. Though they differ vastly in mandate and capacity, what unites these “place managers” is their vital role in representing community interest in the design and activation of shared spaces.

The Place Leadership Network will connect and strengthen leaders in the place management field. For nine months, local place-based leaders will learn from one another, access a network of expertise and resources, and advance transformative projects for their communities in an institute setting. Participants in the program, representing a diverse scale, geography, and constituency of the region, will be compensated for their participation. At the conclusion, the Boston Foundation will dedicate a meaningful fund available to participants to implement programs and projects that are developed as part of the Place Leadership Network.

How to Apply

The Boston Foundation invites applications from place-based organizations in the Boston region to enter the inaugural cohort of the Place Leadership Network. Applications are open on April 19 and are due by 6:00 pm EDT on May 20. To learn more about the program and the application process, please attend an information session. Note that all sessions will feature the same content; potential applicants should plan to attend a single session. For more information, please contact F. Philip Barash.

Register for an information session:

April 23, 6 p.m. at BSA Space, 290 Congress St., Boston

Co-host: Boston Society of Architects Foundation

April 30, 2 p.m. at the North Shore Community College (McGee Building)

May 7, 1 p.m., at the Guild, 260 Washington St., Dorchester

Co-host: Mel King Institute

May 10, 12 noon, at the Boston Foundation, 75 Arlington St., Boston


Who should apply

This program is intended to serve organizations that, as part of their mission, are responsible for the design, activation, and stewardship of shared places. Collectively known as "place managers," these organizations may include CDCs, Cultural Districts, Main Streets, parks conservancies, and others. 

For more information and to apply 


F. Philip Barash

Fellow, Design Culture

The Boston Foundation

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