NeighborWorks: Grant Proposal Writing


May 31, 2017

Course dates May 31 - June 27, 2017

Financial resources from diverse sources are critical to the growth and development of an organization. Grant funding is typically one of the most common sources of money sought by nonprofits. In order to secure a grant from a public or private funder, an organization must develop and submit a proposal. A proposal serves as a critical tool in capturing the organization’s story, establishing credibility to address a specific problem or opportunity and outlines realistic goals and objectives to be accomplished through a sound plan of action. This course will guide participants through the 4-R proposal development process; highlighting the different roles of a grant writer, strategies for writing each section of a winning proposal, sources for seeking grant opportunities and the various relationships essential to winning grants. 

This course is recommended for resource development professionals, executive directors and others persons responsible for securing grant funding, who also possess some experience working with budgets. Individuals who have previously participated in the proposal development process and desire to strengthen their writing skills or address problematic areas of the proposal are also encouraged to enroll. Given the basic nature of this course, this course is not recommended for individuals with significant experience writing proposals. As an added bonus, the fourth week is available for posting additional questions regarding any section of the course requiring additional clarification. Students may also share a proposal they have developed for group discussion, feedback and technical assistance from the faculty expert.

Course Length: 2 Days

Tuition: $395

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes

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Partner Events

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Nonprofit Governance