Moving Beyond Icebreakers Hot Topics: How to Manage Resistance


July 26, 2017


Teen Empowerment
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The Moving Beyond Icebreakers (MBI) interactive model is used to engage groups of all ages. It works in every setting where groups meet-whether that’s in the classroom, boardroom, or community room. It is effective for building team to create more effective work outputs while keeping participants engaged. MBI uses interactive methods-often referred to as “icebreakers”- to do the following: create safe spaces for difficult dialogue, build and strengthen working relationships in groups, encourage generation and implementation of different ideas, build consensus and investment in decisions, unearth and work on dysfunctional group dynamics, and create fun and engagement in groups

Moving Beyond Icebreakers Hot Topics: How to manage resistance

In this training, participants will explore this well known facilitation challenge. Gain tips on managing both resistance from your group and from within as a facilitator. Learn from your MBI trainer as well as from your peers.

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