Living Building Challenge Affordable Housing Deadline


September 30, 2020

The International Living Future Institute (the Institute) seeks to enable and facilitate regular use of the Living Building Challenge (LBC) in affordable housing by supporting project teams, creating resources and education, sharing stories of innovations of affordable housing leaders, and acting as a hub for the affordable housing community to connect with each other.

ILFI are searching for the next group of industry-leading affordable housing project teams to join us in our mission to create equitable, just, and ecologically restorative communities. Working at the forefront of sustainability and equity, ILFI’s Affordable Housing Pilot Projects are building Living Affordable Housing and partnering with ILFI to create a path for future projects to follow.

ILFI is no accepting applications for affordable housing projects as part of the Living Building Challenge!

Learn more about the Living Building Challenge here and learn more about the application process here.

Type of event: 

Innovation Forum

Learning area: 

Commun. Org. & Planning
Economic Development
Real Estate Development


International Living Future Institute