Implicit Bias


October 5, 2017
9:00am - 4:00pm


60 Temple Pl
Boston, MA 02111


Susan Naimark

This highly interactive workshop will introduce participants to the concept of implicit bias: what it is, how it develops, its impacts on individuals and organizations, and research-based debiasing strategies. You will come away with a better understand of your own unconscious biases, and with practical strategies to reduce them and their impact on your beliefs and actions. This session will review the basic information covered in the previously offered 3-hour Implicit Bias workshop, and will then take a deeper dive into how implicit bias shows up in community development organizations and the communities they serve; time to strategize and practice debiasing interventions; and takeaway tools to share with colleagues and communities.

Participant Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the origins, characteristics, and impacts of implicit bias on individuals, institutions, and systems;

2. Practice application of research-based debiasing strategies;

3. Explore strategies and tools for sharing information with colleagues and communities.

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Registration fee: 

Regular: $120, MACDC Member: $100, Student/Intern/Americorps: $50

Type of event: 

MKI Training

Learning area: 

Commun. Org. & Planning