Housing Equity and Resilience in Greater Boston's Post-COVID Economy


September 23, 2020

The third in a series of Greater Boston Housing Report Card Research Briefs will look at the economic recovery and the future of housing in Boston. Absent intervention, the COVID-19 pandemic could have tragic, irreparable consequences for the low-income housing market in Greater Boston and across the nation. Many of the interventions being undertaken by cities and states seek to even out these imbalances. This creates an emergent opportunity to learn if, how and to what degree such policies are effective, providing the basis for redesigning the low-income housing market to be more equitable and, in turn, more resilient to such crises.

As with other webinars in the series, the research and analysis presented here will inform policy makers, advocates and the development community on the challenges of our housing situation and how they disproportionately burden lower income households of color. Please plan to join us for this important conversation, and stay tuned for details!

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Economic Development
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