Housing 4-Pack One: Housing Literacy


September 13, 2017
8:45 - 3:30


Colonial Estates
1 Beacon Circle
Springfield, MA 01119


MassHousing: TAP Training

What is affordable housing? What is public housing? What is assisted housing? What is a mobile voucher? What is a project based subsidy? What is a housing program? LIHTC, what? What are

income limits? What is AMGI?   

Like every industry, affordable housing has its own vernacular. If you are new to working in affordable housing or working with clients living in or applying to affordable housing, trying to navigate the basics can be frustrating, a waste of resources, and possibly lead to housing instability for vulnerable populations. This introductory level course is a great base for other housing related trainings, as a reinforcement of acquired knowledge or a solid foundation for working in or with housing. Includes 100‐page participant guide with housing search resources.   

Registration fee: 

: $85 General public, $60 staff of local housing authorities, and   Free for staff of TAP member sites 

Type of event: 

Partner Events

Learning area: 

Real Estate Development