Forging CDC-Hospital Partnerships


June 6, 2017
July 13, 2017
July 18, 2017

June 6th: Baystate Health Systems, 325 King Street, Northampton, MA 01060

July 13th: Asian CDC Metropolitan Room, 38 Oak St, Boston, MA 02111

July 18th: Lawrence Community Works, Our House Room 3, 168 Newbury St, Lawrence, MA 01841


Enid Eckstein,Consultant, director of health at Mass Community Action Network and the author of “Hospitals Investing in Health”. 

Assisted by Kermshlise Picard, Northeastern University MPH candidate, MACDC

Hospitals and health systems are becoming more aware of the economic and environmental factors that impact health, and the role that they can play in addressing these factors. Across the country, some hospital and health systems are engaged with their local communities to improve community health by increased community investment. One way for hospitals to do this is by working with Community Development Corporations, which have the experience and connections to make effective change. Several Massachusetts CDC's have already built partnerships that resulted in greater hospital investment in housing and other social determinants of health.  

In this training, CDCs will learn some effective ways of creating partnerships with hospitals and health centers. Through a mix of lecture and facilitated exercises, participants in this training will: 

  • Gain and share ideas for how hospitals and community development professionals might collaborate to address local challenges and seize local opportunities
  • Understand the public policy and internal contexts that drive how hospital community benefit staff choose to invest in community priorities
  • Be able to understand and analyze hospital community benefit and finance information to make relationship-building more effective and efficient
  • Be able to frame and message their “asks” in ways that demonstrate mutual benefit to hospitals, community development corporations, and the people they serve

About the training:   The day long training will be conducted in three locations, with case studies and information catered to the CDCs and hospitals in each region.

This training made possible with funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation

Registration Links: 

Registration for Northampton is now closed. Please email Mariela Renquist ( with any questions

Registration for Boston is now closed. Please email Mariela Renquist ( with any questions

Registration for Lawrence is now closed. Please email Mariela Renquist ( with any questions

Registration fee: 

$100 Regular Admission, $50 MACDC Member

Type of event: 

MKI Training

Learning area: 

Economic Development

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Forging CDC Hospital Partnership Materials