Engaging and Empowering Communities: Health Equity in Action


March 21, 2017
1:00pm - 04:00pm


Mo Barbosa (HRiA)

Topics: Identify unintended barriers in engaging diverse communities; enhancing engaging of diverse communities

Description: Creating health equity requires the prioritization of work that engages and empowers communities experiencing disparities related racial, economic, gender and social determinants. Most community health projects struggle with the issue of engaging diverse communities in the work of mainstream coalitions. There are numerous barriers to such engagement, some conscious, and some unconscious. Race, class, and cultural communication styles all influence the ways in which diverse communities relate to planning and implementation activities. Building upon the Introduction to Equity in Community Building webinar, this session will delve deeper into the common barriers to engaging diverse communities in the work of mainstream coalitions, and how to think collaboratively about ways to effectively engage diverse populations/communities in efforts.

Learning Objectives: Participants completing this webinar will be able to

1. Describe at least three aspects of mainstream U.S. culture that create unintended barriers to participation by diverse communities.

2. Identify at least three strategies to enhance engagement in their work by members of diverse communities.

3. Identify at least two strategies for managing discomfort when working across differences.

This training meets the following DPH guidelines:

  • Consistency with MA DPH’s goals and priorities
  • Participation from key stakeholders (individuals and organizations that have a vested stake or interest in a program or policy initiative, e.g. it will impact them directly)
  • Membership that is reflective of the community
  • Shared vision including a focus on reducing health disparities and promoting health equity

Type of event: 

Partner Events


Community Health Training Institute