Commonwealth Seminar Application Deadline


January 21, 2019

Opening the Doors of Government to Everyone

The Commonwealth Seminar exists to “Open the Doors of Government to Everyone”.  We fulfill that mission by providing legislative training, networking opportunities with top policymakers, and access to public service job opportunities for diverse leaders in Massachusetts.


The Commonwealth Seminar's History

The Seminar was founded in 2003 by visionaries Joel Barrera and Former MA State Senator Jarrett Barrios as a way to invite diverse leaders into the State House to demystify the legislative process and encourage deeper, more sustained, advocacy on Beacon Hill. The goal was simple: open the doors of the government to diverse communities.

We began as a simple skills development training program, but our work is now geared toward weaving together relationships across boundaries of race, ethnicity, partisan politics, and local governments. We seek to become a neutral ground where diverse leaders can prepare themselves, build relationships and create a community that values public service.


  • Our Students Learn the Essentials About​​
  • The Legislative Process
  • The Budgetary Process
  • Working with the Press/Media
  • ​Lobbying & Advocacy
  • ​Working With, In & Around Government
  • Working with Government Agencies
  • Working with Non-Profit Agencies & Organizations
  • ​Planning and Civic Engagement​
  • Working with Legislative Staff and Legislators


Learning area: