CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series: The Landscape of Mega Project Incentives


June 18, 2019
1:00pm Eastern

Mega projects are arguably the most fascinating developments that can be undertaken. From developers to average citizens, projects of such a grand scale attract the attention of everyone. In order to make development dreams become realities, proposals call for public entities to solve a myriad of financing challenges. This trend has continued to show up in projects such as the Port Covington Redevelopment Project in Baltimore and Amazon’s recent decision on the location for HQ2. During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, expert speakers will provide an in-depth overview of the approaches currently being used by cities, counties, and states across the U.S. to attract mega projects. 

Tammy Davis
Vice President
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporate Trust

Isabel Cyr, DFCP
Senior Consultant
The CAI Global Group

Sandi McNinch
General Counsel
Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Christina Winn
Director, Business Investment Group
Arlington Economic Development

Dan Taylor
Managing Director
Baltimore Development Corporation

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Partner Events

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Real Estate Development