Asset Management Essentials for Stabilized Multifamily Tax Credit Projects - An Owner's Perspective on Managing Risk & Preserving Value


June 19, 2018
2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT

Asset management of affordable rental housing is an essential and critical, but sometimes underappreciated or simply undeveloped function, within real estate developer organizations. Many owners recognize that while asset management and property management share some common objectives, the two functions focus on multifamily rental housing through different lenses. If your organization’s 2018 business plan includes enhancing existing practices or perhaps establishing a long-overdue internal asset management function, this webcast is for you.
Join Vinnie Viola, Principal of Birch Island Real Estate Consulting, LLC, and special guest Peter Desjardins, Director of Asset Management at Volunteers of America, for a 90-minute webcast that examines essential multifamily asset management functions and practices. Mr. Viola brings a seasoned tax credit asset manager’s perspective to the training, while Mr. Desjardins offers insights through the lens of the developer. Topics range from reasons to get into the weeds with certain properties to monitoring portfolio operations from 50,000 feet above sea level. The training focuses on properties in stabilized lifecycle phase (i.e. post-construction and lease-up) and offers a thoughtful framework for a robust asset management function. Webcast attendees can participate in a series of engaging onscreen polls and submit questions for real-time discussion.


  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Transition Project from Development to Stabilized Lifecycle Phase
  3. Understand Underwriting & Budget Expectations & Assumptions
  4. Compile & Manage Key Project Documents
  5. Compliance with Regulatory Agreements
  6. Compliance with Contractual Documents
  7. Cull Out Key Project Milestones & Critical Events
  8. Analyze Financial Performance with Key Metrics
  9. Evaluate Property Management with Key Metrics
  10. Monitor Rental Market Conditions & Local Economy
  11. Assess Physical Condition & Capital Sources & Uses
  12. Memorialize Project/Partnership-Related Issues & Track Status
  13. Maintain Project-Specific Asset Management Plan
  14. Leverage Technology to Facilitate Asset Management Function
  15. Report to Internal & External Project Stakeholders
  16. Integrate Asset Management Planning into Your Organization’s Business Plan

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Partner Events

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Real Estate Development