Advanced Supervision: Decode, Identify and Practice


June 7, 2018
9:00am - 3:30pm


89 South Street
Boston, MA 02111

Participants are required to have completed TSNE's Effective Supervision workshop in order to take Advanced Supervision.

Successful supervisors skillfully adapt their own style to meet the needs of each individual they supervise. Decoding how much direction, feedback and autonomy staff needs is part of the equation. The other part is identifying and practicing supervisory skills and behaviors associated with styles that don’t necessarily come naturally.


This highly participatory and reflective training takes a deeper look at concepts discussed in TSNE MissionWorks’ Effective Supervision workshop. Participants will:

  • Find out what other leadership models offer and consider the ways traditional leadership models apply to supervision
  • Examine specific communications skills associated with each supervisory style
  • Consider different approaches to decision making
  • Learn more about performance management
  • Practice new behaviors to enhance supervisory repertoire

Come prepared to actively participate! Participants must have taken Effective Supervision as a prerequisite for this training.

Registration fee: 

$109* + $15 materials fee (full-day, lunch is included)

Type of event: 

Partner Events

Learning area: 

Nonprofit Governance