13th Annual Fair Housing and Civil Rights Conference


April 12, 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm


Western New England University School of Law
1215 Wilbraham Rd
Springfield, MA 01119

Now in its 13th year, the Fair Housing and Civil Rights Conference continues to bring together people who share a commitment to protecting and furthering the rights of all Americans, both regionally and nationwide.  The conference provides an opportunity to hear speakers from a wide range of disciplines discuss the state or fair housing and civil rights in America today and share their ideas on how to effectuate change on both a local and national level.

This year’s Conference has particular reason to celebrate in that 2019 is a special date for two of its cosponsors:  It is the 30th anniversary for the Massachusetts Fair Housing Center and the 100th anniversary for Western New England University, to which the conference returns this year.

Boston Councilor Lydia Edwards is this year's Keynote Speaker. She is a noted civil rights leader and activist, who was named Bostonian of the Year by the Boston Globe in 2015. She has worked as a public interest attorney, focusing on labor issues, and also served as the deputy director within the Mayor's Office of Housing Stability to develop and implement strategies to fight displacement. As a member of Boston City Council, she recently introduced a bill to fund affordable housing by taxing real estate transactions over $2 million dollars. Councilwoman Edwards will also participate in our panel discussion on "The Future of Civil Rights." 

Housing Workshops. There are two workshop tracks and a total of 16 workshops, presented by experts, on a wide variety of fair housing and civil rights issues. If you are interested in housing and civil rights you can choose from the following workshops: Section 8 and Discriminatory Obstacles to Renting (A3); Fair Housing 101 (A7); The Relationship between Testing and a Charge of Discrimination (A8); Housing Rights for Survivors of Domestic Violence (B1); Communicative and Environmental Needs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Tenants (B3); and Healthy Housing: A Fair Housing Issue (B6). These are just a few of the workshops with valuable information for tenants, home buyers, housing authorities, property managers, service providers, educators, employers, and anyone interested in housing and civil rights. 

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Racial Equity
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