Events for November 13, 2019

  • Artists Working in Community Training

    9-5:30 Wed, 9-5:30 Thu, 9-3 Fri
    LUX Center for the Arts (2601 N 48th St, Lincoln, Nebraska 68504)

    This training is designed for individual artists who want to deepen their skills in community-focused practice, this professional development intensive helps artists hone...

  • Housing as History: The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Orchard Gardens

    6:00pm - 7:30pm
    Dewitt Center (122 Dewitt Dr., Boston, Massachusetts 02120)
    Karilyn Crockett, Tony Hernandez, Valerie Shelley

    By the 1980s the Dudley Square neighborhood of Roxbury was facing significant challenges. Absentee landlords had allowed property to deteriorate, left units vacant, or had used arson to raze...

  • Webinar: The Exemplary Board Chair in our More Connected 2020 World

    2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
    Vernetta Walker and Marla Cornelius

    Beyond the fundamentals of board leadership, which can be tricky in their own right to say the least, board chairs stepping into the role in 2020 are likely to face a set of issues particular to...

  • Word on the Street: A LISC Story Slam

    Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (41 Berkeley St., Boston, Massachusetts 02116)

    Join us for an evening celebrating stories from our neighbors, community partners, and friends.

    Word on the Street: A LISC Story Slam will be an evening of storytelling and...

  • Livestream: Everyone Counts, Equity and the 2020 Census

    11:15am - 12:30pm EST


    Data from the 2020 Census will determine how...